Monday, 1 February 2016

Brooksy - Keyshot

Experimenting with Materials and Rendering using Keyshot.  Need to learn more of this 


  1. Your a the most inspiring game character artist i've seen so far, at least to me xD Really great great work.

    Artstation has a lot of comments so i wanted to ask you a little question here: How have you done this kind of quality skin in Polypaint? I try yo find good tutorials about this but is hard as hell. I know that you join photoshop and quixel. I'm using substance painter right now and i found difficult to get a good skin result (i'm a growing character artist also xD).

    Did you use any photo texture for this? It's so damm hard to find a good guidance in this matter.

    I hope i didn't take too much of your time, you rock dude! Keep doing what you do!

  2. Hi Andŕe,

    Thanks for the Kudos. Yes I used photo reference for this, applied using zaplink in Zbrush and then polypainted to remove any highlights in the texture (I use Mari nowadays). The texture should look quite flat, whilst keeping all the subtle colour info.
    I use quixel to get a base skin roughness value, and do the rest in photoshop - using Marmoset Toolbag to test the results. Having good high frequency sculpt detail baked to the normal map also makes the difference.

    Hope that helps man,

  3. It does help indeed :) thank you for your time Jamie. Keep up the amazing job!