Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pteroscent: 3D Artist Magazine

A creature I created from a sphere using Dynamesh in Zbrush. Polypainted and rendered using BPR in Zbrush, composited in photoshop.
Inspired by the amazing creature designs of Carlos Huante

My first step by step tutorial into the making of Pteroscent is featured in this months 3DArtist Magazine (Issue 43).  It covers the workflow I used to create the creature using Dynamesh in Zbrush, along with tips on Polypainting and Rendering using bpr.
Kind of wish I spent a bit more time on the final grab. I'd like to have got a bit more movement in it, but its all good practice I suppose.
Hope its a useful and interesting read.

There's a whole section on the great work of Carlos Huante, which is very cool.  Check it out ; )


  1. Legend! You're just getting better and better. Good job on the article ;)